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Pacific Coast Draperies offers a wide selection of blinds to match any room’s décor. Blinds are a versatile, economical window treatment and your choices are limited only by the constraints of your color scheme and decorative style.


The first step in achieving the overall desired look of a room, is the color. The right color choice can either make your blinds match and complement the décor of the room, or it can cause it to clash and look out of place. In terms of color, most blinds can be put in one of two categories, whites or stains. White window blinds are not just pure white, they can range from super bright white to more subdued almond or ivory hues. When it comes to stains, your color options truly blossom. You can choose the more traditional look for your blinds, with stains like the cherry, mahogany, and ash, or you can pick something a little different, with the distressed and weathered looking wood slats.

Durability & Versatility

For the most durable and versatile option, we recommend wood blinds. Wood blinds are made of natural hard woods which make them very durable, and perfect for most any window. If you want the look of wood blinds but want to hang them in a location that just doesn’t work for natural wood blinds, faux wood blinds are a very attractive choice. They offer their own unique set of benefits and can often times be made to look very much like natural wood blinds that you may already have in your house.

Additional Options

All horizontal window blinds are raised and lowered with some type of lift system. The standard type of lift for blinds consists of a small cord being run from top to bottom of the blind going through a small hole in each slat. There is also the option to have what is called the “no holes privacy” option. The “no holes privacy” uses hidden ladders attached behind the slats. This keeps the slats a solid piece of wood, helping with insulation and light filtering.

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