Proudly Handcrafted in the USA!


Custom draperies enhances your décor and increases the value of your home. We carry the most comprehensive mid-market fabrics with a complete selection of colors and patterns, from the basics, to prints, to silks, to upholstery creatively designed to create your own personality and style.

Your Custom Window Treatments Will Fit Perfectly

Our custom draperies are tailor-made for your windows; nothing comes out of a box. Since we make everything to your exact specifications, from stitch length to hem allowance, the quality is guaranteed 100%.

Nursery Rooms

Choosing the right window treatment for the upcoming bundle of joy can be stressful, using neutral colors that your child will be able to grow into later is always the key. Patterns contribute to how your child develops,  from lines to textures, theres always something for every unique children’s room.

Our Drapery Linings Make All The Difference

The right drapery lining adds body, protects your fabrics — and makes your draperies, shades, swags and cascades look stunning. We offer many different types of linings and will help you select the one that’s best for you aesthetically and functionally.

Bottom Line, It’s All In The Details…

We work with you to fulfill your vision and ensure your draperies are not only of the highest quality, but exactly the style and impact you’re looking for!

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